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Posted On: 2011-07-11 07:07:37
Make corrections and adjustments to income statement and balance sheet. Big Blue Rental Corp. provides rental agent services to apartment building owners. Big Blue Rental Corp.’s preliminary income statement for August 2004, and its August 31, 2004, preliminary balance sheet did not reflect the following:

a. Rental commissions of $200 had been earned in August but had not yet been received from or billed to building owners.
b. When supplies are purchased, their cost is recorded as an asset. As supplies are used, a record of those used is kept. The record sheet shows that $180 of supplies were used in August.
c. Interest on the note payable is to be paid on May 31st and November 30th. Interest for August has no been accrued – that is, it has not yet been recorded. (The Interest Payable of $40 on the balance sheet is the amount of the accrued liability at July 31st.) The interest rate on this note is 10%.
d. Wages of $130 for the last week of August have not been recorded.
e. The Rent Expense of $510 represents rent for August, September, and October, which was paid early in August.
f. Interest of $140 has been earned on notes receivable but has not yet been received.
g. Late in August, the board of directors met and declared, the dividend is a liability of the corporation until it is paid.

a. Using the columns provided on the income statement and the balance sheet for Big Blue Rental Corp.,(Use attached Excel Spreadsheet) make the appropriate adjustments/corrections to the statement, and enter the correct amount in the Final column. Key your adjustments/corrections with the letter of the item in the above list. Captions/account names that you will have to use are on the statements. (Hint: Use the five questions of transaction analysis. What is the relationship between net income and the balance sheet?)
b. Consider the entries that you have recorded in your answer to part –a–. Using these items as examples, explain why adjusting entries normally have an effect on both the balance sheet and income statement.
c. Explain why the Cash account on the balance sheet is not usually affected by adjustments. In your answer, identify the types of activities and/or events that normally cause the need for adjustments to be recorded. Give at least one example of an adjustment (other then those provided in the problem data).

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