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Posted On: 2010-06-03 03:03:59

Comparison of variable costing and absorption costing Consider the following information pertaining to a year’s operations of Hunt’s Point Manufacturing:


Units sold                                                                                                        1,400

Units produced                                                                                               1,600

Direct labor                                                                                                     $4,200

Direct materials used                                                                          3,500

Fixed manufacturing overhead                                                                       2,200

Variable manufacturing overhead                                                       300

Selling and administrative expenses (all fixed)                                              700

Beginning inventories                                                                                     0

Contribution margin                                                                            5,600

Direct-material inventory, end                                                                        800


There are no work-in-process inventories.

1. What is the ending finished-goods inventory cost under absorption costing?

2. What is the ending finished-goods inventory cost under variable costing?


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Solution Posted By: Homeworkhelp    Posted on: 03-06-2010